Ahhhhhhh it’s a worm kill it kill it. No worms are good for us. They help us live.

Worms help us live by macking tunnels in the ground so plants can breath so they grow faster. And we wount get tired from trning the dirt all the time. The worms do it for us.

Worms have no back bone so they are very beaned.


Commputers are important because you can learn about Blogs and adout what people like to do. You can share your experiences with ather people and you can comment on peoples posts. when you comment on peoples posts you develop skills like writing skills and reading skells.

On computers you can go to maths wedsites so you can get better at your basic facts. Computers are really good for maths because you can learn alot of maths. You well get maro skilled and you well be adle to go to higher maths groups.

On computers if you what to know information you just go to goole and type in what you want to know and you might get what you what.

I think computers are good because of the range of skills you can learn from them.

My mum

 My mum is a student at polly tech she is decaming a nurse. She knows alot adout nursing. She is always in the study learning. 

I don’t get to do mach with mum and I can’t go in to the garae all the time because I have to got though the study to get to the garage. She some times comes up for food and to talk with us. She bas woshing,vacuuming and lots move.

She is the best mum in the would. But I wonder way she stays in the study all the time??

Moving House!

About 2 weeks ago me and my family moved to  Arnold Grove.  My old home is a handy man’s job but it was a good home.

My new house is twice the size and that is good.  My dad did not want to move but Loll (the landlord) had put it on the market.  So he can build a new house.

I am going to miss the old house.  It was fun moving I want to do it again one day.  I wonder why dad did not want to move?

Mission Day

Mission Day 018On Mission Day I brought a plant and a toy.  I spent most of my money on games.  My favourite game was Jacob’s slime game.  I liked going around to the toy stalls with my buddy.  I helped my buddy carry his bag around and his toys.  I liked  mission day.  I wish it was 4 times a year.